1.2 Litre Mini-Bottle

MaxxiLine Gas Bottles

MaxxiLine Italy is pleased to announce the introduction of a comprehensive line of gas-filled MiniBottles.

MaxxiLine MiniBottles are secure, compact and lightweight.

MaxxiLine 1.2 litre Mini-Bottles are being filled with gases commonly used in welding, cutting and other industrial applications, as well as in the beverage, aquarium and party industry (Helium)

  • MaxxiLine 1.2l MiniBottles WP 100 bar (120 Litre) are being filled with the major gases such as Argon, CO2 (600gr), CO2 E290 food grade (600gr), Argon/Co2, Argon/O2, N2O E942, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Nitrogen E941 food grade, Nitrogen/Hydrogen and Helium

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    MaxxiLine 1.2l Disposable Bottle WP 100 bar (120 Litre) - Valve Thread M11x1 / M10x1

    Volume (V): 1.2 Litre
    Pressure to +20C: 100 bar (120 Litre)
    Test Pressure (Ph): 163 bar
    Dimension (mm): Diam. 102 x Length 195 (with plastic stand)
    Weight/Tare (gr): 1280
    Material: Steel P355NB EN 10120
    Valve: UNI EN ISO 11118:2015
    Packaging: Carboard box of 6pcs
    Non Refillable Gas Bottle: UNI EN ISO 11118:2015