Company Profile

We are an Italian based Company. MaxxiLine's product line is completely studied, designed and made in italy. MaxxiLine's manufacturing team has been dealing in the field of gas cylinders, fire exstinguisher tanks and trolley-tanks manufacturing for more than 50 years. Its Partners are recognized as industry pioneers since 1965, who have played a role in the birth and growth of this industry in Italy.

Owing to ours state-of-the-art manufacturing processes we have the ability to produce high quality products comply the highest safety standards. Our products meets or exceeds industry regulations for quality and safety. Our products are fully manufactured in our production facility in Italy , that fully meets any safety production regulation.

Our company focuse its production activity on fundamental parameters such as: know-how, quality, advanced technologies and resistant materials. Seeking continuous development, our company kept upgrading and enhancing its competences and production technologies, becoming one of the most dynamic manufacturers of the field.

Nowadays the market asks for flexibility, reliability and top quality components offering excellent performances. Our Company can grant you certified top standard quality products, meeting with specific requirements in terms of quality, reliability and top safety.