Frequently Asked Questions

What is the water capacity of MaxxiLine disposable gas bottles?

The gas bottles are supplied in four sizes : 1 litre - 1.2 litre - 1.8 litre - 2.2 litre . This number refers to the internal volume of the gas bottle when is empty ( often referred to as water volume ).

What is the gas content of MaxxiLine gas bottles?

The gas content is identified from the label affixed to the gas bottle. To see complete gas bottle specifications and other packaging information click here.

What are the benefits of MaxxiLine disposable gas bottles?

The gas bottles are bought outright, so there are no ongoing cylinder rental payments. MaxxiLine diposable gas bottles are lightweight and much much less cumbersome than even the smallest refillable gas cylinder available, making MaxxiLine gas bottles convenient to take anywhere. Food and beverage industry now see the importance of using gas storage cylinders which are disposable due to practical and safety reasons.

Where I can find the Certification Sheets of your products?

MaxxiLine gas bottles are manufactured in Italy and in accordance to the current stringent quality and safety standards. MaxxiLine gas bottles are certified and approved by independent inspection agencies. Please see the Certifications page.

Where can I find the MSDS for your products?

Please use contact link and select the drop down menu choice for MSDS Sheet Requests.We provide Matetial Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for our products as guidance for businesses and workplaces. The MSDS is designed to provide workersand emercency personnel with the proper procedures for handling or working with our products. The sheets describe how the products should be stored and disposed of. First aid procedures, transportation requirements and other precautonary information are also addressed. These MSDS are not applicable to consumer use of our products. We thoroughly evaluate the safety aspects of all of our consumer product prior to their use in the home and provide all necessary, appropriate and applicable safety information on product labels.

How do I work safely with Compresses gases ?

Keep out of the reach of children.

Do not place the plastic inflator in mouth or nose for any reason.

Do not inhale any gas.

Do not refill with any material.

Do not store in damp areas.

Store in a well ventilated place.

Contains gas under pressure; may explode if heated.

Never expose the cylinder to direct heat or fire.

Do not mistreat the tank by dropping on sharp or pointed surfaces.

How to fill Balloons from MaxxiLine helium bottle?

Unscrew and remove the valve's protection cap.

Fit the Balloon Filler Nozzle on the valve.

Place your balloon neck over the filling nozzle.

Tighten the neck with your thumbs and rotate clockwise the nozzle to release the gas and inflate the balloons.

Remember to stop the release of the gas by turning the nozzle anti-clockwise.

After inflating latex balloons, pinch balloon tightly at base of balloon neck and remove from nozzle. For foil balloons, simply remove from nozzle after inflation, as foil balloons are self-sealing.

To assure maximum float time, tie a tight knot in the neck of the latex balloon. Foil balloons do not require a knot.

Attach ribbon of desired length below the knot on latex balloons or the lower neck area of foil balloons.

Have you the ability to provide the gas bottles branded with our own label artwork?

Yes. You provide us a custom label to our specifications (you can simply design this yourself or have a graphic designer make it for you). Upon request, MaxxiLine can also design your custom label on your behalf. We accept custom labels in High Resolution format. Specs for your label design will be provided to you. The label design is open to your discretion, as long as space is available . After you have approved the custom label, MaxxiLine will begin production of your labels and gas bottles.

Are there minimun order sizes?

Pricing will vary based on the size of the order. The minimum order quantity is 1 pallet. We can accommodate orders of any size. Please contact us for details.

Can I purchase Vat Free as part of my Company?

Yes! Upon receipt of your order we will check the viability of the number and if the number is valid. All prices listed are excluding VAT. EU customers outside Italy may qualify for 0% VAT delivery if a valid VAT registration number can be provided. You should verify the correctness of your VAT number online via the following link: EU Tax authorities. In some cases we may ask for the actual certificate provided to you on registration as we need to know thomann you are the official holder of the VAT number. For all deliveries outside the EU, the 0% VAT rate applies. You will receive a copy of our invoice via email.

Will you handle the shipping for my order?

Yes. MaxxiLine works closely with customers to arrange for reliable transportation directly to the final locations. As the gas bottles are classified as hazardous goods, please get a quote from us for the shipping cost.

How many boxes are on a pallet?

MaxxiLine 1ltr disposable gas-filled cylinders : N.1 Pallet 800x1200 ->N.80 boxes of 6 pcs (N.480 pcs)

MaxxiLine 1.2ltr disposable gas-filled cylinders : N.1 Pallet 1100x1250 ->N.90 boxes of 6 pcs (N.540 pcs)

MaxxiLine 1.8ltr disposable gas-filled cylinders : N.1 Pallet 1100x1250 ->N.60 boxes of 6 pcs (N.360 pcs)

MaxxiLine 2.2ltr disposable gas-filled cylinders : N.1 Pallet 1100x1250 ->N.60 boxes of 6 pcs (N.360 pcs)

The dimension of the pallets are mm 800x1200 and mm 1100x1250. Please contact us for additional details.

How to recycle / dispose the cylinders?

MaxxiLine cylinders are fully recyclables . So it's easy to dispose the cylinders when are empty. Check with your community to see if you can recycle the tank through your curbside recycling program. Alternately, take the empty tank to a steel recycling facility near you. These are the easiest ways to recycle the tank, but check first before using either option.

I am interested in the idea but am not sure where to start?

Give us a call; we have a broad experience to draw upon that can help you with ideas about optimizing a program for your needs.

*We invite you to contact us for any further information.